First Day of School Mani. Back off, I’m taken.

So…this started out as an innocent manicure to cover up the mess I made of my nails earlier and be able to use my favorite of my new shades, but by the time I was done, it said a whole ‘nother message. haha!

Polishes are both by Fergie Wet n’ Wild. The deep berry shimmer one is “Ferguson Crest Syrah” and the platinum colored one is not so coincidentally named “Going Platinum”.

Figure out if you know what I mean by how this manicure could scream “back off, I’m taken”  😉 .

IMAG2523 IMAG2516 IMAG2517 IMAG2518 IMAG2520 IMAG2521 IMAG2522

The first and last picture were done with a flash. Hope you like it! It’s not bad for a “done at work” mani and I had no acetone! (come to think of it, there probably is some around here. But nonetheless, I didn’t really need it luckily. )